Freaktion by Allan Suleiman and Breno Frias

Allan Suleiman and Breno Frias Shares The Freaktion Craft Beer

Allan Suleiman and Breno Frias, the thinktank behind the award winning design Freaktion - Craft Beer by Allan Suleiman and Breno Frias explicates, The brand was thought to be different from the category, from the positioning to the design. Differently from the competition, this beer has a typographic visual identity with friction elements on its logo. The use of dark backgrounds contrasted by the magenta color also helps to differentiate it in the craft beer segment, what adds authenticity and modernization, at the same time, a classic aspiration of an extremely premium/gourmet product. Its 2 sub-brands use freak characters to amplify the concept. Their colors, icons and and info carry consistency and remembrance to the consumers..

Freaktion by Allan Suleiman and Breno Frias Images:


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